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Dear Affiliate,

We have produced this product with special considering to timing regarding the maturing of the video game industry. 

Here are some facts to keep in mind:

1) The demand for video game businesses is at an all time historical high due to the following facts:

a) Number of households with next generation video game consoles in 2012
190 million households will use a next-generation video game console in 2012 - Source TDG

b) More money was spent on video games than on films including both trips to the cinema and films on DVD! This is the clearest evidence yet that the video games market has come of age and transformed itself from a niche form of entertainment for teenage boys into a mainstream form of entertainment for millions.

2) Video Game Godfather was designed over a period of years (not weeks or months). The quality is top notch on Clickbank and the information within the course is not available in any other Ebook anywhere on the internet. This means LOW REFUND RATE! 

3) All customers get personal coaching by the Godfather himself. To help ensure every customer is successful and happy. The Godfather is available for any questions or technical help each customer may need.

4) Video Game Godfather affiliates get paid: 75% of each $49 sale. If you compare to others in this niche, you will see we are the highest paying by quite a gap.

5) Professional sales copy in a compelling story telling format is proven to convert higher than conventional copy. 

6) Killer site design by top minisite designer guru Ryan Jackson. Jackson is responsible for designing pages that produced million dollar clickbank accounts such as DJK (2000 units sold on launch day), 7 Figure Code (700 units sold on launch day).

Here's what you need to do to get started:

1) Get your Video Game Godfather affiliate hoplink through Clickbank. If you are already a member, you can use the hoplink where "xxxxx" is replaced by your affiliate ID. Or you can create your hoplink directly on clickbank's hoplink creation tool. 

Use your hoplink anytime you link to Video Game Godfather site. (Details and examples further down on this page)

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2) Decide where you will promote Video Game Godfather. 

Here is an example of how much money you will make based on different sales volumes:

1 Sale per Day = $939.90 per Month
2 Sale per Day = $1,878.80 per Month
5 Sale per Day = $4,699.50 per Month
10 Sale per Day= $9,399.00 per Month
20 Sale per Day = $18,798.00 per Month

Below are professionally designed banners, emails, PPC ads and keywords.


Please keep in mind this is a very handful, barely even touching the surface of the possibilities of keyword terms, and phrases.  Many hundreds if not thousands more can be sourced or stemmed from these.  Simply use one of the many free keyword research tools available online.  A list is below:


Video Game Suppliers
Don't call any video game
supplier until you learn the truth

Gamer's Dream Job

Fire your boss and earn 
thousands selling games.

Video Game Dropshippers
Work at home selling video 
games online.

Video Games Wholesale
Learn the truth behind
video game suppliers.

PPC Networks To Use
Very effective PPC networks

Google Adwords

Yahoo Search Marketing

Bing Ads

7 Search






Keyword Research Tools

Free Keyword Research Tools

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Wordtracker Keywords Tool Free Version

Seobook Free Keyword Tool

Keyword Discovery Free Version

Email Messages:

Message #1

Message #2

Message #3

(Many more email messages available upon request.  Just shoot me an email through the contact link!   Some of our most successful affiliates use a combination of email and PPC)

Article Directories, Press Release Sites and Web 2.0 Sites To Submit Your Articles

You can submit articles to any of the above or find more article and blog sites with Google

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promotions and affiliate tools.



We Hate Spam As Much As You Do.  Your Info Will Never Be Shared Or Sold

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